Serenus.AI for Payers/Employers

Serenus.AI is revolutionizing prior authorizations using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize the utilization process, saving lives and precious resources.

Our algorithms target the most common elective procedures requiring pre-authorization. The system then provides comprehensive recommendations as well as real-time analytics reports that highlight critical medical factors and how their dynamic impact influences our recommendations. This saves the providers and the payers valuable time and administrative burden, compared to existing time and labour processes.

Major Benefits:
  • Objective medical decision making.
  • Automate and scale prior authorization processes.
  • Speedy approval for necessary procedures.
  • Improves efficiencies and saves valuable resources.
  • Comprehensive review of all relevant factors.
  • Powerful AI-driven analytics.
  • Enriches patient history and data flow.
  • Improves patient outcomes.

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