Death By Medicine: A definitive Review and Close Reading of Medical Peer-Review Journals, and Government Health Statistics Shows That American Medicine Frequently Causes More Harm Than Good

Cincinnati Hospital to Pay $4.1 Million to Settle Claims for Unnecessary Surgeries

Overly Aggressive Care Can Hurt Patients, Generating Mistakes and Injuries Believed to Cause 30,000 Deaths Each Year

Editorial: ‘Do no harm’ with Wasteful Medical Procedures: A New Report Finds Nearly Half of Common Medical Tests Prone to Overuse in the State are Unnecesary

Paediatric Cardiologist Reprimanded Over Unnecessary Surgery on Three-Day-Old Baby

A Small Indiana Town Scarred by a Trusted Doctor

Multimillionaire Doctor Who Plunged Hundreds of Patients Into Bankruptcy by Falsely Diagnosing Cancer and Giving Them Unnecessary Chemo is Jailed for 45 Years

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