Serenus AI’s partners are essential to us.

Serenus AI’s partners are comprised of the most leading and influential players in the insurance/healthcare ecosystem including insurers, hospitals, HMOs and large employers.

Serenus AIis committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies and uncompromised service to meet the growing needs of our partners.

Our aim is to build strong, long-term relationships with our partners and offer win-win programs that will generate profits for all sides.

Join Serenus AI’s network of worldwide partners and enjoy Serenus AI’s competitive advantage:


Combining high-level knowledge of top physicians, continuously simulating real world situation.

No Direct Competitor

Serenus AI is the only company to date providing machine learning based medical decision-making system.

Keeps Learning

Ongoing learning mechanism through real-time cases, experts inputs and industry protocols make the system continuously smarter.

Machine Learning

Unmatched technology in deep learning and algorithms providing advanced and objective decision-making.

Cloud Based

Accessible Any Time, Anywhere, without the need for EMR integration. Advanced privacy and security measures are in place (HIPPA etc.)

Advisory Board

Comprised of today’s leading and best known physicians, providing insights and credibility.

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